Croatia, July-August 2004


Beautiful Croatia.



Dubrovnik: A sea of roofs.


The varied styles and tiles of Dubrovnik.

The Moreska dance of Korcula begins.


The Moreska..


The White King (red costumes) has almost won!.


The Benedictine monastery on an island in a bay on the isle of Mljet


Cica, Cho, Andi, and Sime Ungar.


Rob, Cica and Sime Ungar.


Cho aboard Akka with Andi and Vida Ungar.


Success! Cho has been ashore. Rob and Sime are also happy!


A hilltop village on the island of Cres. The Croatian mainland is in the background.


A rare sand beach - most are rocky - and the wonderfully clear water near Cres.

The fishing village of Tribunj, on the mainland coast.


A village on Dugi Otok.


Carol Robinson and Rob about to dig into a platter of fresh Croatian fish.


A typical Croatian island village.