Israel, June-July 2005


Acco (ancient Acre), fortress of Richard the Lionhearted.


Bahai gardens and temple in Haifa.


Israel/Lebanon border on Mediterranean. The sign says "No Photographs".


Israel/Lebanon border on Mediterranean. Welcome, indeed!


Arab kids race camels across the plains near the Negev desert.


View from the Masada cable car. The square areas are Roman
emcampments from the 1st Century seige; the line across the middle is the
wall the Romans built around Masada. Dead Sea in the background.


The ramp built by Romans to attack Masada, in the shadow of
the clifftop fortress..


Rob standing in the ancient Masada synagogue, maybe one of the first
ever built. Room for storing scriptures behind him.


Sunrise over the Dead Sea, as seen from the top of Masada.


Andi and Carol float in the Dead Sea.


An Arab woman experiences the Dead Sea, fully clothed, with her husband.


Dani and Hava with Rob and Jessica, in Jaffa; Tel Aviv skyline in


The parade spectators at Yagur. In foreground, Dani's brother and his
family; behind them, his sister, Rob and Jess.


Moms and daughters do Shavuat dance, in Yagur Kibbutz.


Yoav Gertman and the mountain he commanded during the Six-Day War.


The Israeli side of the border in the Golan Heights.


The Syrian side of the border in the Golan Heights.


The wall across the West Bank, viewed from the Temple Mount.