Turkey, Syria and Lebanon, May-June 2005


Crusader-built facade of the 'Cave Church of St. Peter' in Antioch.


Neptune mosaic in Antioch Museum.


Hittite lion column bases in Antioch.


Saladin's Castle.


Looking down into the moat at drawbridge support column, Saladin's Castle.


Commanding view from Saladin's Castle.


Rob at Crac des Chevaliers Crusader Fortress.


Glacis and tower at Crac des Chevaliers.


Commanding view from the top of Crac des Chevaliers.


Part of a camel herd crossing the Syrian 'non-desert' highway.




The Great Colonnade at Palmyra.


A tourist camel in Palmyra. 'Wanna ride?'


'Wanna buy a postcard?' Actually, this boy knew more
about Palmyra than our guide did.


Muslim castle seen through a colonnade at Palmyra.


Palmyra agora (marketplace).


The marble courtyard in front of the Great Mosque in Damascus.


Jess and Andi, dressed to enter the mosque.


The facade of the Great Mosque.




Rob and Andi in Beirut.


Bullet-ridden building in Beirut.


'Thank you' poster of Hariri, son of the slain prime minister (in background).


Lebanon is dotted with ex-Syrian checkpoints, now manned by the Lebanese
for no apparent reason. Note, however, the tanks.


The yellow flag of Hezbullah flies in the Bekaa valley of Lebanon.


The Jupiter Temple columns in Baalbek, 62 feet tall,
have been standing since Roman times.


The Temple of Bacchus, Baalbek, the best-preserved Roman temple
in the world.


This section of the ceiling of the Bacchus Temple in
Baalbek is said to be the only Roman temple ceiling
still in place, in the world.


Andi, Jessica, and Rob at Palmyra.