Farewell Tour of the Med, Summer 2006


Main square in Kos. The old mosque now houses a cafe and bank.


Gene Rankin with a lost bird on his shoulder.


Beer and pizza in a little southern Italian village.


Charybdis. There was no wind; the wave here is generated by the


Gold mosaics in the church at Monreale, near Palermo, Sicily.


One of several mega-yachts in Antibes. This one is owned by a
Saudi prince.


Lisa and Guild in Villefranche, on the Riviera.


'Les Bleus' win the semifinals of the World Cup, and the town goes wild.


Force 7 off Massif Rouge on the Cote d'Azur. Marie Gilbert wasn't fully
prepared for this, and thought we might capsize.


The results of a July hailstorm on the Cote d'Azur. One stone switched off
the engine.


Work progresses on Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. They hope to com-
plete it by 2022.


One of the many secluded anchorages we found around Ibiza in August.
Note the amazing rock formations.


The chef and our waiter at La Pepica Restaurant in
Valencia, famous for its paella. Note the pans in the



Manhole cover in Valencia. Almost everything in the port touts the AC.



We pass the Rock of Gibraltar, leaving the Med after four wonderful