Moors vs. Christians, August 2006


'Christians' in the street, on their way to the stadium..


A 'Moor' and a 'Moor in training'.



The actual 'fight'. Women in the foreground wearing white are, by and
large, 'Christians'.


The lighthouse on the way out of Soller, where the Moors and Christians
await next year's 'battle'.


Andi in the castle; they charge admission, despite the lack of upkeep.



A mosaic in Kos. The town is filled with Roman and Greek ruins, mainly
uncared-for. But some, like this floor, are protected from the weather
by a pavillion roof.



Rob at the fort in Antimachia.



The old mosque on the main szuare, now a bank and cafe. No prejudice
involved -- the old church on the other side of the square is another bank.