Cartagena, July-December 2008


:Boca Grande, the modern part of Cartagena. Akka is at far left. This
shot is from the Popa, looking northwest to the Caribbean.


A street in the Old City. The green balconies are the Hard Rock Cafe.



A typical square in the Old City.



'Rob in the Old City.


Christmas decorations in Plaza de Colón. Love the smiley faces!



The tower of the University of Cartagena, in the Old City.



Cloister of the Convento de la Popa.



Rob imitates Don Blas de Lezo in front of the fort he defended against
the British.



Girls in one of the beauty-pageant parades. These are not contestants,
just ordinarily beautiful Cartageñas!



A local beauty-pageant contestant.



Traditional dancers in traditional dress.



More parading dancers.



Akka with friend.



The bird eats the mussels on the mooring lines. There are plenty of them!



Cartagena contrasts. The man in the dugout canoe fished for eels every



Sunset over Boca Grande. Notice how few windows are lit -- it's largely
a resort area.