Cuba, May-June 2008


Beautifully restored and maintained Hotel Imperial in Santiago.


A back street in Santiago.



A typical store where Cubans can spend local pesos. Note extensive selections.



'57 Chevy and Lada.


One of several modes of transportation.



A Cuban "bus".



Rob in a bici-taxi.



Horse-drawn carriage. Cost: 1 peso (about 5 cents US).



Cuban with his pride and joy.



Moncada barracks with restored bullet holes.



Honor guard at José Martí tomb in Santiago.



Rob in dinghy receiving fish and lobsters from fishing boat.



Trinidad's main square (photo downloaded from web).



A Trinidad street. Tall windows open onto formal parlors (photo downloaded
from web).



Trinidad back street. No windows onto parlors.



Trinidad café band.



Playa Sirena on Cayo Largo. "X" marks the spot where Akka was anchored
(photo downloaded from web).



Cocodrilo at Isla de la Juventud (photo downloaded from web).