Curacao, July-December 2007


Willamsted: Punda waterfront, from Otrabanda. Note ferry, idle when
bridge is in place.


Floating pedestrian bridge linking Punda and Otrabanda..



Renovated house in Otrabanda. The left-hnd gable says '1742'.


One of many non-renovated properties in Otrabanda..


Kura-Hulanda Hotel statues, part of the Slavery Museum.



'Floating market' in Punda.



Cuarcao Sunfish Championships, with Rob's boat labeled.



Optis practicing in Spaanse Water, near Akka's anchorage.



Windsufers slaloming through the cruising-boat anchorage.



Yngling bearing off to miss Akka in an evening race.



Fishing boat and frigate birds, seen from Akka in Spanish Water.