Isla Beata and Ile a Vache, April-May 2008


The beach and fishing boats at Isla Beata, Dominican Republic.


A bois-fouye welcomes Akka to Haiti.



Feret Bay on Ile a Vache, with Hotel Port Morgan in background.



Vildor in his dugout canoe. He spent as much time bailing as paddling.


Andi with our miniscule Haitian courtesy flag.



Decorative pile of conch shells in front of Casco's parents' house.



Casco in front of the Ca-Coq library. The sign says "Built with Funds
Donated by Friends from Canada and the USA". The main sign is in
French and Haitian Creole.



Hotel Port Morgan.



Boat builder part-way through rip-sawing ribs by hand.



Casco 'helping' Rob fill diesel fuel.