Peru, November 2008


Modern guards guarding traditional guards at Lima's Presidential Palace.



Hooters in Lima, in a mall overlooking the Pacific (shrouded in mist).



One of the reasons it was hard for us to believe the nearby rivers drain
to the Amazon -- this mountain was to the east of us!



Incan wall in Cuzco



Cuzco's San Lorenzo Church, built atop Incan walls (center right and
lower right)



Sunday parade at Plaza de Armas, Cuzco. This square was once plated
in gold!



Three generations of Quechuas, come to the parade.



Clash of cultures.



Rob, Graeme and Gillian at Saqsaywaman.



Massive corner rocks at Saqsaywaman.



There is not room enough to stick a knife between these rocks!



Aguas Calientes. The rocks go up ...



... and the gravel comes down.



The Watchman's Hut at Machu Picchu at break of dawn.



The fog lifts, revealing ...



... Machu Picchu.



Rob on buttress terracing at Machu Picchu.



Andi in Machu Picchu temple window, with terraces in background.



One of Machu Picchu's "llama mowers".



Gate to the unfinished Temple of the Sun at Ollantaytambo. Note the
studs used to lift the blocks into place, which were to have been
removed later.



Agricultural terracing at Pisac, as seen from ruins at the top.



Inca wall at Pisac, showing their graceful incorporation of natural rocks.



Temple of the Sun at Pisac, viewed from yet another temple higher up,
with modern town of Pisac far below. Note terraces everywhere.



Pisac Temple of the Sun.



Y'all come down here, y' hear?