Bocas del Toro, Spring-Summer 2009

Main Street, Bocas del Toro.


Bikinis are definitely allowed on Main Street. The store in the background
is closed for lunch.


The dining room (and internet connection place) of the Hotel Bocas del


A hummingbird at the Hotel Bocas del Toro.


The canal between Bocas and Carenero, with taxis plying their trade.


A taxi stand in Bocas. The big hotel in the background went up in a few
days, then ... construction stopped.


Signs of Bocas; at the airport.


Signs of Bocas; at a water-taxi stand. The sign says "Prohibited: drinking
liquor, smoking, playing dominoes, soccer and vulgarity. Offenders
will be fined 10 Balboas" (US $10 -- there is no separate currency called
a Balboa, though the term is used as if there were).


Signs of Bocas; on the back porch of a waterfront hotel.


Sunrise in Bocas.


Sunset in Bocas.

No-see-ums. Of course you can't see them!