Providencia, San Andres and the Albuquerque Cays, June 2009


Sign declaring the Albuquerque Cays to be under Colombian Marine
Corps control.



Rob coming ashore with the ship's papers, to check into the Albuquerque



Albuquerque cruisers being hosted by the Colombian Marine Corps



The harbor at San Andres. Armani and Benetton are near the point
of land in the background; Akka is between that point and the camera.



A crocodile in the inland lake in San Andres.


Andi with our guide at the crocodile pond.


Rob with a San Andres Rasta-man.


From the harbor at Providencia. The interesting mountain behind the
church is named Split Hill, but everybody calls it "Morgan's Ass".


A cannon, claimed to be one of Morgan's, in a ruined fort overlooking
the harbor at Providencia.


Boats circling the anchorage during the water-frolicking part of
Providencia's Carnival. All the craft were armed with water balloons, but
none were thrown at Akka, maybe out of respect for the fact that we
"dressed" her for Carnival.


One of the beauty princesses during the water frolicking.


The princesses arrive at the horse races.


A horse race, seen from about halfway down the "track". The start is where
people are gathered in the background.


The winner!