Panama Canal, November 2013


The Pacific end of the Panama Canal (Panama City) is
actually slightly east of the Atlantic end (Colon)!



Rob, Carol and Andi, two days before we went through



Port of Colon seen from the Flats, where our adventure started



Our first advisor comes aboard



Panama Canal Authority line handlers walking with messenger lines



Panama Canal Authority handler with our line over bollard



Entering last set of Gatun locks as night descends.
A ship has already entered ahead of us.


Amy and Ken handle the bow lines in Gatun lock


We leave our overnight Lake Gatun mooring with our new advisor, Jael


The Titan crane, taken from Germany at the end of WW II
It's on its own barge (not visible)


Waiting for Atlantic-bound ships to pass through the San Pedro locks
before we can enter


Entering to "lock down" at San Pedro. Note mules waiting for ships


Going down ...


And down ...


... And down. Note the Panama Canal Authority line handler,
about to toss our line into the water


Miraflores lock building. 100 years of continuous operation!


Akka in Miraflores lock, rafted with our catamaran buddy.
Seen from webcam


The last set of gates start to open ...


... and open wide ...


... and we're through! Bridge of the Americas in the background


Ken and Marilyn return to 'Dream Ketcher'


Panama City, seen from the Pacific